ARCH190 Practice in Building Construction & Surveying

Catalogue Description:

Introduction to building materials and their simple use and application techniques (one month). Introduction to use of surveying equipment, topographic readings, measurement techniques and their applications (one month).


The Arch 190 - Building Construction Module aims at introducing students of Architecture to conventional building materials and techniques. The students will be provided hands-on training in Woodwork, Masonry, Steel reinforcement and Concrete works.

The Arch 190 - Surveying Module aims at introducing students to surveying equipment, different measurement techniques, topographical and building documentation procedures and their applications.

The exercises will be aimed at imparting the right skills and attitude to the students. By working in groups they will learn to cooperate with each other; and by observing safety regulations and workplace etiquettes they will acquire the right attitude.


The Arch 190 Practice in Building Construction and Surveying course will be offered to students on completion of their 1st year of studies in the Department of Architecture; by the end of which they will have learned how to: 

A. Building Construction Module

  • Produce (in-situ or scaled down models) wooden truss/ pitched roof/ staircase and formwork for foundations/ columns/ beams/ slabs of an RCC structure. 
  • Build brick or block walls with different types of masonry bonds.
  • Mix concrete for mortar and plaster
  • Prepare steel reinforcement for columns/ beams 

B. Surveying Module

  • Use the conventional and advanced surveying equipments and tools,
  • Survey and document of topographical features of an open area,
  • Survey and document of architectural features of a building,
  • Prepare measured drawings and other related documentary files of surveyed area and building.

Course Conduct

The modules will begin with a lecture on theoretical information related to the practical work and instructions on how to use the tools and equipment properly; the lecture may be followed by a question and answer session.

A. Building Construction Module

The first week will be spent on woodwork and students will learn how to use the electric machines and manual tools; the subsequent weeks will be spent on steel, concrete and masonry works.

B. Surveying Module

The course will be conducted in two main parts as topographical and building survey. Students will be divided into groups and each group will take their own responsibility to measure and document of given area and building.

The students will spend two weeks in the study area to survey the given site and building and two weeks in METU to finish drawings and reports.


  • Report based on the daily log maintained by the students; and Models produced or digital photos of work done during the hands-on sessions of the Building Construction Module
  • Reports and drawings related to the site/ buildings surveyed during the Surveying Module 

Submission Deadline

All deliverables to be submitted during the registration week of the Fall semester following the summer practice.


Attendance will be mandatory, and the students will be graded by the instructors on their practical work as well as their written reports and/or drawings.

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