ARCH 190 | Summer Practice

ARCH 190 - Practice in Building Construction, 2016

The students were provided a practice workshop composed of brick wall construction, roof tile cladding, painting works on wall surfaces, metal stud dry wall constructions with gypsum boards, externally insulated wall section and wall/floor cladding with tiles.

BRICK WALL CONSTRUCTION WORKSHOP: To practice some types of brick walls with different bonding techniques and prepare lime-cement based mortar for their construction, to practice different types of roof and wall cladding tiles and their bonding techniques.tukder-1tukder-2tukder-3tukder-4

WALL PAINTING WORKSHOP: To practice some types of paint coats/finishing systems on wall surfaces.marshall-1marshall-2marshall-3marshall-4

GYPSUM BOARD DRY WALL CONSTUCTION WORKSHOP: To construct partition walls made of metal studs and gypsum boards with glass wool infill insulation.rigips-1rigips-2rigips-3rigips-4

EXTERIOR THERMAL SHEATHING AND INSULATION WORKSHOP: To apply different types of thermal insulation boards.izocam-1izocam-2izocam-3izocam-4

WATER PROOFING, FLOOR FINISHING MATERIALS AND CERAMIC TILE APPLICATION WORKSHOP: To apply bituminous layer, self leveling floor finishing material and wall ceramic