Teaching Assistants

Beste Fakıoğlu, B.Arch.,M.Sc., METU

Room: - Phone: (210)  

Fields of interest: tall buildings, structural systems, built environment

Betül Aktaş, B.Arch., METU

Room: 315 Phone: (210) 6233 

Fields of interest: sustainability indicators for buildings,  performance analysis, off-site construction, prefabricated housing, industrialized building systems

Fatih Topak, B.Arch., M.Sc., METU

Room: 423 Phone: (210) 6217  | Personal Web Page

Fields of interest: Intelligent environments, IT in architecture, human-building interaction, building automation systems

Gizem Nur Aydemir, B.Arch., M.Sc., METU

Room: 407 Phone: (210) 6209 

Fields of interest: Sustainability in the Built Environment, Renewable Energy for Buildings, Energy Retrofits, Building Refurbishments, Energy Efficiency Analytics

Gökçe Nihan Taşkın, B.Arch.,M.Sc., METU

Room: 313 Phone: (210)6212   

Fields of interest: Structural design, tall buildings

Hafize Büşra Bostancı, B.Arch., İzmir Institute of Technology, M.Sc., Gazi University

Room: - Phone: (210)  

Fields of interest: Performance-Oriented Design, Sustainability Strategies and Energy Efficient Approaches in Architecture, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Buildings, Building Performance Simulations, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Cutting-Edge Technologies in Architecture

Hatice Bıyık, B.Arch., M.Arch, Karadeniz Technical University

Room: - Phone: (210) 

Fields of interest: sustainability in the built environment, climatic design, energy efficiency in buildings, sustainability assessments of the buildings

Meltem Erdil, B.Arch., İTÜ; M.Sc., METU

Room: 407, Phone: (210) 6209 

Fields of interest: Building acoustics, traditional timber frame structures, traditional construction materials

Nilüfer Kızılkaya, B.Arch., M.Sc., METU

Room: 407, Phone: (210) 6209 

Fields of interest: Development of building materials and structures, fire safety design

Ozan Yetkin, B.Arch., M.Sc., METU

Fields of interest: Computational Design, Automation Algorithms, Machine Learning, Geometry Optimization, Design and Objective Space Exploration.


Özge Demirci, B.Arch. Dokuz Eylül University

Room: -Phone: (210)  

Fields of interest: utilization of algae for built environment, alternative energy systems for buildings, sustainability strategies in architecture, energy efficiency in buildings, building information modeling


Rabia Nur Çulha, B.Arch. METU

Room: -, Phone: (210)  

Fields of interest: intelligent buildings, human-building interaction, occupant behavior in a built environment