Integrated PhD

Doctorate in Building Science not only provides an opportunity contributing to the specific fields in science and technology as relevant and applicable to architectural knowledge and practice, but also the framework to train future academics and researchers. The required must courses are aimed to establish a research frame of mind while elective courses address the specific areas of interest that Ph.D candidates wish to develop further. A great majority of Ph.D students being either junior lecturers or interested in academic career, the Department emphasizes research and education.

"Integrated Doctorate in Building Science" is for students with a Bachelors degree and who have research experience. A total of 18 courses, of which 6 compulsory and 12 elective courses approved by the Building Science Program, should be taken by the students. In total, a minimum of 48 METU credits must be taken. The list of the compulsory courses of the program are as follows:

Course Code Course Name METU Credit ECTS
BS501 Seminar in Building Science 0 10
BS503 Building Science Workshop 3 8
BS504 Research Methods in Building Science 3 8
ARCH615 Architectural Research I 6 14
BS600 PhD Thesis in Building Science 0 130
BS601 Seminar in Building Science 0 10